Hunter In The Dark

The book i am reading is called “Hunter In The Dark” its about a guy called mike who lives in rich family. He then collapses on the basketball court. He awakes and still feels ill. This book was kind of confusing at first but its starting to make sense as we continue to read. We are making posts ever few weeks so i will keep you updated.



Movie Impact

The movie I chose was Jack The Giant Slayer. The movie is about a boy named jack who tries to sell his horse for money, but instead gets some “magical” beans. He then gets in trouble and one of the beans falls in a crack of wood and down onto the dirt. When it rains the water touches the bean and it makes a beanstalk all the way up to where the giants live.

The target audience was people 11-15. How it appealed to the audience was it had lots of action and adventure.

It taught me that no matter how big or small you are, you can always achieve your goal.  






Cool, Fluffy

Amazing, Annoying, Chilling

Very Gentle



Leaves fall from the trees

They crash to the ground with dust

And then blow away


There once was a boy named ace

Who couldn’t keep his pace

He ran to far

And got hit by a car

And now has a stitched face

Challenge 9 (Review)

I chose to review “Grand turismo 5”. Now i don’t really like racing games but this was an amazing game. You start of with a  simple car and then you use money to get better cars and you earn money by winning races, pretty simple right? Well as you continue to unlock new cars the other cars get better and are tuned up to leave you in last. Your car gets better when you tune it, it gets better in different categories like speed, weight and much more. With tuning you could turn a Volkswagen into a racing machine but remember that tuning cost money. This game has amazing graphics and you can change the view from behind the wheel to an overhead view. This is probably the only racing game i will play. If your not enjoying the soundtracks you could always change them with music from your console. The controls but you can easily change them. Now if had to rate the game out of 10 i would give it a 8/10. I highly recommend getting this game and i would recommend this game to an age group of  12 and up. Thanks for reading this review of Grand Tourismo 5 and challenge 10 is coming soon!

And Then it Happened

So i finally got my “And Then it Happened” story done. This story is written by me and me alone, i had Nick help peer edit my story so go check out his blog 🙂 . This story is based on a game i love “Happy wheels”. You should check this game out because in my opinion its amazing. Well here is my story.

And then it happened

“The moment of impact”


It was a nice day in Happy Wheels and irresponsible dad and his son where riding there bike named “Bike” through the streets of Happy Wheels. Happy wheels was owned by an old man well is now owned by old man. Happy Wheels was a nice place… until now. Irresponsible dad took his son everywhere; the problem was that irresponsible dad would go zooming through subways on his bike, sidewalks and other places. He would break rules… until now. Sadly this had gone on for years and there really was no stopping him. So today his son decided to stay home because of the way his dad acted. So today was the day that irresponsible dad finally learned his lesson. Irresponsible dad was speeding down the sidewalk on his bike. He heard a noise and he thought I was a lawnmower so he glanced around to look at where the noise was coming from… “And then it happened” Irresponsible dad wasn’t looking and he was zooming towards traffic, he turned to look where he was going and then the second he went to take a look he hit a car and was lunged into the air. Everyone around the scene stared in awe at what had happened. Irresponsible dad went crashing to the ground; this was the moment of impact. The ambulance came and before he knew it he was in the hospital getting told he had broken his legs severely and they couldn’t be replaced so he had to stay in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Years went on and he would spend his days with his son. He then became ruler of happy wheels and that’s how this city became a mess. People wouldn’t listen to rules. This is also how irresponsible dad had to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and how he learned not to be “irresponsible”.

Written by: Alec  Thanks for reading!

Challenge 7

Okay so challenge 7 was about science and i chose a really cool animal “Egyptian Vulture”

This is a really cool animal because it uses tools to eat. These poor guys were poisoned because of to much population.

There 55-60 cm and there wingspan is 155-170! So as you can tell this species is really cool. There is still quite much of these birds. There is a reason i chose to do a cool animal and why i used this animal and that is because it stood out the most. If you take a look at the picture below you can see that there beak is very big. If you want to know where i got the info check this page out Egyptian Vulture facts


<- The Egyptian vulture

Challenge 6

Challenge 6 was anything you wanted so here is mine

Top 5 most used words in a normal conversation

1: like

-oh my gosh “like” whatever

2: Legit

– i’m “legit”.. for real!

3: Sup

-“sup” man

4: Dude

-“Dude” i’m a boss

5: bro

-“Bro wazup?

Hope you enjoyed